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Vruzend kits are back in stock!

After a longer than expected wait, I’m happy to say that we are back in stock and shipping Vruzend kits again!

I really appreciate all of the patience that those of you with backordered kits showed us as we worked through a number of unexpected delays. We finally have our latest resupply shipments of kits on hand, with more than enough to cover all of the back orders.

Demand has been much higher than we expected. We are producing more kits as fast as we can in our modestly sized factory, and are investing in new machines to increase our production capacity. There still might be a future backorder situation though as we rush to meet the current demand.

We learned from this extended backorder experience though,¬†and we’ll make sure the process goes smoother in the future.

Thanks again to all of our supportive customers who put up with us! Your support helps make the late nights and raw fingers worth it!

5 thoughts on “Vruzend kits are back in stock!

  1. Great to hear! Thanks for the update!

  2. Glad to hear things may be clearing up! I am entering this with somewhat odd timing, I just placed my order today and everything looked good except the kits still said backordered. I know you got a shipment in and made a news post about it yesterday, but you also said that product is flying off the shelf. Has the site been updated to reflect the new inventory? Should I expect a delay in shipment, or is it possible that the backorder tag just not been removed from the ordering process/system yet?

    1. I ask because I have a vacation planned at the end of august and would love to know the kit will get here a week or two ahead of that for assembly and testing!

      1. Yes, sorry I just hadn’t updated the stock label on the site yet. They are back in stock now! There is a few day delay while we are still shipping out the backordered kits, but yours is in line and will hopefully ship out near the mid to end of the week.

        1. Thank you for your quick reply! Im very happy to see you guys doing so well, and I love the potential of your product!

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