VRUZEND – Battery building made simple!


No more spot welding… and no more soldering either!

Just snap together the VRUZEND bricks and then bolt together your connections. It’s really that simple!

Lithium battery packs for everything from electric bicycles and skateboards to home energy storage and electric vehicles are crazy-expensive, right?!

Why is that? It’s because making lithium battery packs used to require special tools and highly skilled workers to use them. But not anymore!

VRUZEND lithium battery building kits were designed to solve that problem. The plastic end caps slip tightly over the end of the most common lithium battery cell format, the 18650 cell. They can be snapped together like Lego™ bricks to create any size battery.

Then simply bolt the cells together using the supplied connectors and you’ve got yourself a custom lithium battery pack for a fraction of the price of buying an off-the-shelf lithium battery pack.

Spot welders are expensive. The good ones cost more than the price of most lithium batteries! Cheap ones are dangerous and prone to breaking when you need them most. Plus, spot welded packs can’t be opened up to replace a single cell if it ever goes bad. VRUZEND kits can!

With VRUZEND’s innovative DIY battery kits, you simply work with your hands! Snap together the terminal caps, add the connective bars and then tighten the nuts (ok, so you need a socket driver for the nuts, you got us… But it’s mostly tool free!)


VRUZEND battery kits are designed so that they can be opened up whenever you need if you ever want to expand your battery or replace a cell. Just pull the kit apart and the batteries are easily accessible.

The plastic end caps work like spring washers or nylock nuts by compressing under the force of the nuts on either end. This provides a counter force to the nut and helps prevent the nuts from loosening even in transportation applications that are prone to vibrations.

If you’re still worried about vibration loosening of the nuts though, there are other options as well. Loctite or other thread-locking compounds can be added to the nuts, or just a good old fashioned drop of hot glue on the nut will keep it from moving until you’re ready to remove it.

The VRUZEND battery building kits come with safety post on the ends of every cap to keep your battery terminals and conducting bars lifted off of your work surface while you’re building your battery. This helps prevent accidental short circuits during battery assembly. 

VRUZEND kits can be used to build batteries of nearly any size and shape. You are no longer limited to a small set of battery sizes. You can build the exact battery voltage and amp hour capacity that you need. And if you want extreme capacity, you can build a few battery packs and connect them in parallel, side by side, to create super high capacity batteries that are great for home energy storage.

The VRUZEND battery building kit really is the best way to build a custom lithium battery from 18650 cells. But don’t take our word for it, try it today!