About Us

VRUZEND began in late 2015 as just an idea in the minds of an inspired team of engineers and machinists. 

The goal was to develop a new type of battery building kit. Something simple. Something easy to use. Something awesome.

Spot welders and soldering irons keep too many people from learning to build their own lithium batteries.

VRUZEND decided to change that. And ever since, we here at VRUZEND have been working towards that goal.

Beginning with a simple concept and a cramped, 200 square foot space, our team set in motion the groundwork for the kit you see today. As the kit improved and the work expanded, the team outgrew our modest beginnings and moved into a large 1,500 square foot workshop.

The new space allowed us to achieve one of our main goals right from the beginning: no outsourcing of manufacturing. Every part of the kit (except for the nuts and bolts) is built on-site by our own team so that the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality control can be maintained. The VRUZEND name is synonymous with quality, and our team wouldn’t have it any other way.

As we continue to expand our operations, we look forward to investing in the machinery we need to produce our own nuts and bolts as well, so that we can finally say that 100% of the VRUZEND battery kit is built in-house. Until then though, we’re proud that nearly every single piece that goes into our kit is built by our team in our facility.

Meet the VRUZEND team below!

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