Shipping policy

Our goal is to get your order out to you as efficiently as possible, and to ensure that your order arrives correctly so you can get your battery building project underway!

At the same time, we hope that you realize that we don’t have the same resources as a large company like Amazon (we’d love shipping robots that work 24/7!) and that we are only human. We usually ship Monday through Thursday, except for holidays.

Unless items in your order are marked as out of stock or in back order, orders in which all components are listed as ‘in stock’ will be processed within five businesses days (and often less) outside of extenuating circumstances. We occasionally receive media coverage in large outlets that causes a rush in orders and can sometimes delay processing by a couple of days. When this happens, a notification will be provided at checkout warning of an extended processing period.

Thank you for supporting small businesses in the USA and allowing us to help you build the best batteries and electronics possible!