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LG MJ1 cells back in stock, Vruzend kits soon to be back in stock!

Hey everybody! A lot of you know that we’ve been out of stock of our Vruzend kits for a couple weeks now and of our 18650 LG MJ1 cells for about a week.

The LG MJ1 cells are now back in stock and shipping immediately!

The Vruzend kits should be back in stock by this weekend, and we hope to begin shipping on Monday. To give you a little more detail, the kits should be taking off from Mumbai on an air cargo flight within the day. We went with more expensive air freight to ensure that we can get your kits to you ASAP, instead of the slower but cheaper sea shipping. We’ll eat the extra cost ourselves and we’re working on increasing production so there won’t be backorders like this in the future.

We had hoped to have the kits even sooner, but had a number of unexpected delays along the way. (Did you know the end of Ramadan is a bank holiday that shuts down much of business in India for a few days? The more you know…)

Anyways, we really appreciate all of the patience and support you guys have shown us. We know its annoying to pay for something and have to wait for shipping, especially when it is part of a project that you are itching to start (or finish!) but we’re working as fast as we can here. You will all hopefully be getting “shipped” emails with tracking numbers soon. Thanks for hanging in there and as always, make sure you contact us or use the forum if you have any questions!


One thought on “LG MJ1 cells back in stock, Vruzend kits soon to be back in stock!

  1. Thanks for the update. I will be looking forward to ordering a kit or two when they arrive hopefully next week.

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