How to Connect VRUZEND Caps

VRUZEND caps are designed to be really easy to connect together, but there are still a few tricks that can make the process even easier. We’ll cover them in this article.

Cap Design

Let’s start by looking at the cap design. You’ll notice that there are dovetails on the sides of the VRUZEND caps for aligning and locking the caps together. On two sides there are “tails” or the male protrusion side of the dovetail. On the two other sides there are the “sockets” or the female recesses of the dovetail.

Cap Layout

A great method for connecting the caps is to start with all of the caps either face up or face down (i.e. screw terminal up or screw terminal down). Then, orient them so they are all identical. I like to place my caps just like in the diagram above, with the two tails on the top and right sides, and the two sockets on the bottom and left sides.

Cap Connections

Next, start by connecting the columns first. The columns will have the smaller numbers of cells. In our example, we’re creating a 4×3 block, where the columns have 3 terminal caps each and the rows have 4 terminals caps each. By starting with the columns, it will be easier to connect the groups later.

Next, you’ll slide the first column into the second column. This can be a bit tricky depending on how many cell caps you have, but you’ll get it. Start on one end of the column. Set the tails and sockets of the first cap and then go down the column ensuring that each additional cap’s tails seat correctly in the next cap’s sockets.

Once you have the first two columns connected, continue the same process. You’ll add one column at a time. Don’t rush it – make sure you properly seat every cap.

Once you have all of your columns connected then you should have one entire side of your battery caps finished. Now you’ll just need to repeat the same process from the beginning to create the other side of your battery.

Assuming your caps look like the diagram (with the correct number for your battery), then you’re ready to move on to inserting your batteries cells. You can find that article here.

About The Author
Micah Toll is a mechanical engineer, lithium battery builder and ebike educator. He’s written multiple books including DIY Lithium Batteries and The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide. When he’s not tooting around Tel Aviv or Florida on his ebikes, you can probably find him reading, writing, running or vegging out on the couch.