Inserting battery cells into your VRUZEND terminal caps

By now you’ve read the article on connecting your VRUZEND terminal caps together, and you should be ready to start adding your battery cells.

Inserting cells can be done in one of two methods: the body weight method and the clamp method.

The body weight method consists of placing your caps on top of the cells on a table or surface in front of you, then pressing a block of wood onto the caps with your body weight, distributing your body weight with the wooden block. This method can work well for a few cells in parallel, but larger parallel groups might be more difficult to compress all at once. This is where the clamp method can come in handy.

The clamp method relies on clamping the cells and caps between two blocks of wood to help press the caps onto the ends of the cells. Blocks of wood help to distribute the clamping force over the entire group of cells, instead of just focusing on one cell at a time. Note: it is important not to overclamp your cells and caps to the point of crushing them. Common sense should be used to prevent extreme clamping pressure. Only a light clamping force should be applied.

You can see an example of the body weight method and the clamping method in the following video:

You should also decide whether you want to insert cells into caps in columns, then connect the columns together, or whether you want to connect all the caps together for both sides of the battery first and then insert the cells. We generally recommend doing the column method, also demonstrated in the video above, unless you are building a small battery with only a few parallel groups. Otherwise, large battery packs might be difficult to compress all the cells at once. This is why it is usually recommended to create columns for parallel groups, and then connect those columns together.