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V2.0 kits are now for sale to the general public!

That’s it, we’ve finished shipping all of the V2.0 pre-order kits from our amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign. Now we are opening up sales to everyone else.

You can see the V2.0 kits here. This is our high power kit, rated for 20A per cell, meaning you could use this kit for high power applications or cases where you don’t have many parallel cells to share the load.

We are really excited about the applications the V2.0 kit has already been used in and the projects that you will be using it for in the future!

We currently have only a limited supply of V2.0 kits in our US warehouse, but we are working on getting more stock produced and shipped to us ASAP. So if you’ve been waiting for a V2.0 kit, make sure you grab them soon to ensure that you get one while supplies last!

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