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V1.5 backorder is almost over!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has ordered V1.5 battery building kits during the backorder and has been waiting patiently for weeks now to receive your kits!

We’ve had a series of unexpected delays from random customs inspections to multiple trucking delays, but our shipment of V1.5 battery building kits has finally arrived in Florida after leaving our factory in India many weeks ago.

Tomorrow I am personally driving 4 hours to go pick them up and take them to our shipping warehouse, where our team will be working around the clock to get them out to you guys as quickly as possible!

Thank you once again for all of the patience and support you guys have shown us. We couldn’t do this without you guys!

3 thoughts on “V1.5 backorder is almost over!

  1. Yee Haw!! looking forward to getting my backorder.

  2. “The new space allowed us to achieve one of our main goals right from the beginning: no outsourcing of manufacturing. Every part of the kit (except for the nuts and bolts) is built on-site by our own team so that the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality control can be maintained.”

    Guess you guys gave up on that “no outsourcing of manufacturing” thing before I got here. Ahh, well… even Google has abandoned “Don’t be evil”.

    1. We don’t outsource our manufacturing, we do it in our own factory for maximum oversight and employ our own workers with fair wages and benefits 🙂

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