VRUZEND battery kit V2.1


V2.1 Vruzend battery building kit, for those needing high power batteries!

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The VRUZEND V2.1 is our high power battery building kit. The caps are similar to our V1.5 kit, but the SS components are upgraded to copper coated with pure nickel for the highest level of conductivity and the best level of corrosion resistance.

The V2.1 kit replaced our V2.0 kit by adding barrel bolts to compress the pack’s connections. This helps ensure consistent connections even under high vibration environments.

Each V2.1 kit comes with enough components to build a battery with up to thirty (30) 18650 cells.

To build a battery with more than 30 cells, simply combine multiple kits together to reach any battery size you need.

Each basic kit includes:

  • 60 cell terminal blocks with nickel coated copper alloy spring contacts (enough for 30 18650 cells)
  • 60 screw terminals and nuts
  • 80 pure copper bus bars coated in pure nickel for corrosion resistance and high conductivity
  • 4 main wire clamps (for charge/discharge wires)
  • 4 cable tie straps for securing the pack

The VRUZEND 2.1 kit includes all the parts necessary to join your cells together and create all of the electrical connections. However, you’ll still need a charger to charge the battery and a BMS if you you’d like to use one (recommended for safety). You’ll also need 18650 cells.


  • No soldering or spot welding required… at all! You can finally build a battery with nothing more than a socket driver or wrench and your bare hands!
  • End cap standoffs – four posts on the end of each cap keep the conductive metal components off of your workbench and help reduce the chance of short circuits. Safety first!
  • Customizable and adjustable – build a battery of any size, and increase the battery voltage or capacity as your needs change. By simply moving or adding cell blocks and series or parallel connections, you can increase the voltage or amp-hour capacity of your battery easily!
  • Serviceable – if a cell ever dies, you can open up the pack and replace it!
  • High power – The V2.1 kit is rated for 20A per cell, allowing you to power even your highest power devices!

Here’s a video showing how to use the new V2.1 battery building kit:


For assembly you’ll need a 5.5 mm socket wrench or nut driver. We know that’s a bit of an odd size, and even if you have a metric set of drivers, it usually jumps from 5 mm to 6 mm. So we’ve made it easy by supplying an inexpensive 5.5 mm nut driver , which you can find here.




We recommend that for best results, you limit the current draw of the battery pack you build with Vruzend V2.o battery caps to approximately 20 A continuous per cell. Current bursts of up to 25 A are acceptable, but for periods not exceeding 10-15 seconds. Higher current results in more waste heat being generated which can rob your pack of performance. That means that if you build a battery with 3 cells in parallel, you should try not to exceed about 60 A continuously with that pack, though bursts of higher current are ok. Also keep in mind that if your pack is contained without air flow around the cells, you’ll want to use somewhat lower current per cell as well, as the kits are rated at 20A per cell with sufficient air flow. We believe that 20A per cell will be enough for nearly any project though, and few 18650 cells can even withstand higher current than that anyways!

Beginning with the V1.5 update, the caps have been widened very slightly to make the assembly process easier. This means that the caps aren’t as extremely tight as they were in previous generations though, and other methods may be useful to ensure strong connections in vibration-heavy environments. Learn more here.

*Note: We have found that some Panasonic 18650 cells are unique in that the positive end of the cell can occasionally measure as narrow as 17.98 mm instead of 18+ mm. For these narrow cells, users have found that they fit more snugly in the Vruzend caps when an extra layer of heat shrink or a wrap of electrical tape is added to the positive end of the cell to make it slightly wider. Learn more here.

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