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Today is the day, V2.0 kits are finally available for pre-order!

Starting today, our new and improved V2.0 battery building kit is available for pre-order on Kickstarter at a discounted price! We’ve been working around the clock to make this the best battery building kit in the world, and we are sure that you will agree!

The new V2.0 kits are rated for 20A continuous and 25A-30A peak, depending on the length of the burst. This increase in power is due to the copper-based conductors we’ve designed for the new and improved kits. We can’t even begin to explain how much time and energy went into choosing the exact design and makeup of such small components, but after pouring over prototypes for months, we’ve finally solidified a breakthrough design that we couldn’t be more proud of!

We’ve tested these kits thoroughly on the bench, on electric skateboards and electric bicycles, and even soon in a solar race car thanks to Appalachian State University’s Solar Race Team using the V2.0 to power their next generation solar race car!

The V2.0 kits are available for pre-order now, with low-scale production already underway and larger-scale production expected to ramp up in the next two weeks. Delivery of pre-orders should begin in May, coinciding with when the V2.0 kits will be available for regular purchase in our shop. But why wait until then when you could order your V2 kit today and save a few bucks at the same time! And speaking of saving a few bucks, we’ll let you in on a little secret too: you can also pre-order the existing V1.5 kits on our Kickstarter page for almost 20% off the current sale price! If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for delivery, you can get those for a steal of a deal as well!

Don’t forget to head on over to our forum if you have any questions about the new V2.0 kits. And thank you for all of the support, encouragement and most of all, patience, that you’ve all shown during the R&D process of the new V2.0 kits. It took a bit longer than we thought to finalize the design and prepare them for production, but we believe they are well worth the wait, and we know you’ll agree!

3 thoughts on “Today is the day, V2.0 kits are finally available for pre-order!

  1. Micah,
    I need to order 7 of the new V2.0 kits, can you please add the options for more kits to the Kickstarter?

    1. Sure, I’ll add it!

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Ordered! Thank you!

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