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NEW: Samsung 33G 3,150 mAh 18650 cells are now available!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update – we’ve just added some cool new cells to our offerings. In addition to the tried & true LG MJ1 3,500 mAh cells that we’ve been offering, we’ve just added the new Samsung 33G 3,150 mAh┬ácell to our lineup!

This is an awesome new cell that was designed for electric vehicles applications, meaning its designed for long life and reasonably high capacity. A Samsung rep has stated it should last for 8 years when charged to 4.1 V. Even when charging to the full 4.2 V though, this cell is going to last a long time.

It’s not quite as high capacity as the 3,500 mAh LG cells that we offer, but it will last longer and is more affordable. It also has a bit lower max discharge rate than the LG cells, at 6.5 A continuous or 9.75 A peak. That’s absolutely more than enough for our Vruzend kits. For these cells, we recommend using more in parallel to get a great combination of max discharge rate and high capacity. And with the lower price, that’s even easier to do!

Let us know if you have any questions, and you can check out the new cells here.

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