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It’s hard to keep up with you guys!

Well, you guys have done it again… you’ve cleaned us out of kits!

We were back in stock for a few weeks there until you guys picked the shelves clean. We’re super excited about the high demand, and doing everything we can to meet it. We are reinvesting in our production facilities in our factory and increasing the production rate while maintaining an emphasis on quality control.

We expect to have our next production lot of Vruzend kits ready within two weeks or so, and to be fully restocked within three weeks. That should put us around the middle of August to begin shipping kits again.

Anyone who would like to go ahead and order their Vruzend kit while we are out of stock will get priority shipment when the new kits come in. If you’d rather wait to order yours until we’re restocked, that’s fine too. Just note that your shipping will be somewhat delayed while we are sending out kits to everyone who bought their kits during the backorder period.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or visit us at the forums. Thank you all for your enthusiastic support!

One thought on “It’s hard to keep up with you guys!

  1. I learned of your kit from Jesus Garcia’s, youtube channel. I do have an ebike and love the plug and go simplicity. However, now I must learn how to assemble a powe wall.
    My goal is to use your connectors in a RV battery system that will store enough DC to accommodate my requirements. The largest 115 vac appliance is a 1250 watt portable air conditioner. My current configuration is a 2K Magnum inverter/charger and 610 watts of solar panels. No batteries.
    Would you please help me figure out how many lithium batteries and how many of your connector I will need for my Sprinter van conversion?
    Thank you.

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