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Shipping update

Hey Everyone,

We’re part way through shipping all of the orders that included backordered Vruzend kits. Despite the kits being on backorder, a lot of you were still committed to reserving your kits, which is awesome, but it left us with a massive pile of orders that now need to be filled all at once.

We’re shipping as fast as we can and expect to be caught up by the end of the week. That also means that any orders that come in this week likely won’t ship until next week.

We didn’t expect this level of excitement and demand that we’re experiencing from our awesome customers. Don’t worry though – we’re excited to meet the challenge. While we of course apologize for the delay that you guys are experiencing, we absolutely appreciate all the support you’ve given us!

Pretty soon, we’ll all be building the batteries of our dreams!


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Shipping has begun!

Hey everyone, I was hoping to make this post a few days ago but we’ve been kept busy here at Vruzend. The USA warehouse began shipping on June 1st, and all pre-orders have been shipped out.

It turns out that we had an issue with our email system, and not everyone received an email with their tracking information. We do apologize for that and we are getting the system fixed so that everyone will get an automatic notification with their tracking information immediately upon shipment.

All orders that were placed since June 1st are currently experiencing an approximately 2-day wait before they are shipped as we play catch-up with the new orders. In the next couple of days, we should be all caught up and then shipping will usually occur on the day after the order is placed.

Thank you all for bearing with us as we expand our operation to the USA and smooth out any wrinkles in our brand new USA operations. We appreciate all of the support and words of encouragement we have received during this process. We are fully committed to providing the best DIY lithium battery building kit available at an affordable price, and you guys are helping us achieve that goal every day.

Our current plans for the future include offering a few more helpful battery building accessories in the shop (heat shrink, connectors, etc) and also expanding the accessory options in the international warehouse, so that you can get BMSs, 18650 cells and the other helpful battery building bits available on from the international warehouse as well.

We’re also always working on improving the Vruzend kit and maintaining the highest levels of quality standards. We’ve recently moved to semi-automated production in our factory to keep up with the increased demand for our kits. This is an exciting time of expansion for us, and we owe it all to you guys. So once again, thank you all for being part of this awesome journey with us!

More to come soon!


Team Vruzend


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