Hexagonal 18650 battery holders (30 cell pack)

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Hexagonal 18650 holders. Each kit contains 20 of the 3-cell holders, which is enough for a 30 cell pack.

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These battery holders are designed to maximize the packing density of an 18650 battery pack. That means you can fit more cells into less space, while still maintaining air gaps between cells.

The battery holders come as a group of 3. Those can then be snapped together to create larger packs. This means you can have a pack as small as 3 cells or as large as thousands of cells. Simply continue snapping together the holders to reach larger pack sizes.

The connectors are very lightweight, at just 1.75 grams per 3 cell holder. For a 52 cell battery, for example, the connectors add just 60 grams or 0.13 lbs of weight while still holding all of the cells absolutely rigid.

Each kit contains enough caps to create a 30-cell pack. That means you get 20 plastic 3-cell connectors. If you are building packs larger than 30 cells, simply order as many kits as necessary. The kit does not include any 18650 cells – it’s just the holders. You have to provide your own cells.

What’s in the box?

  • 20 pieces of 3-cell holders (enough to hold 30 cells)

Please note: unlike the Vruzend caps, these hexagonal caps are only for holding the cells. They do not include any electrical connections. That means you need to join your cells using another method (spot welding, soldering, etc.)

Ready to plan out the size of your pack? See below for measurements. Also, you can download this PDF of a 1:1 printout of the hex holders that you can use to draw on or cut to shape to test fit your application or housing.

And here is a 10×10 arrangement showing the measurements at each row (in mm).


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