14.8V (16.8V) 4s Lithium-ion battery charger (3 Amps)

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4s 3A Li-ion battery charger

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You’ve got to charge your batteries, right? Then you’ll want a high quality, efficient and powerful little battery charger. This battery charger fits any 14.8V (4s) lithium-ion battery – not LiFePO4 batteries.

This battery charger will charge to a full voltage of 16.8 Volts (4.2 V per cells) at a charge rate of 3 Amps. It can fit any size battery in terms of capacity (Ah) that is at least 3Ah total, as long as the battery is a 4s battery. So no matter if your battery is 8Ah or 30Ah, this charger will be compatible.

The charger comes with the common 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC barrel connector, which is standard on all sorts of battery packs.

If your battery doesn’t have a 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC connector, you can either replace the connector on the charger to fit your battery, or better yet, you can add to your battery a female charging connector here.

The charger can accept anywhere from 110V to 240V AC, so you can even take it traveling internationally.

This charger is a medium power charger, designed to charge your battery fairly quickly, but not too quickly, as somewhat slower charging is better for long term battery health. This charger is the best of both worlds!

To calculate (approximate) charging time, divide your battery’s capacity in Amp Hours by the charging current of the charger, which is 3 Amps in this case. So a completely empty 10 Ah battery will charge in about 10/3 = 3.3 hours, or slightly longer when factoring in final balancing.

Charger instructions: Simply plug the charger into the wall. You will see the light turn green. Now plug the other end of the charger into your battery. You will see the light turn red, indicating charging. When the light turns green again, your battery is finished charging! You can leave the battery plugged in now if you like (nothing is happening, the charging has stopped and there is no trickle charge) but its good practice if you unplug the charger from both the battery and the wall when you’ve finished charging.

Charger specifications:

Full charge voltage: 16.8 Volts

Charging current: 3 Amps

Charger power rating: 50 Watts

Charging profile: CC-CV (constant current – constant voltage)

Input: 110-240V AC 50/60 Hz

DC Charging connector: 5.5 x 2.1 mm male barrel connector

AC wall connector: 2-prong USA plug

Physical size: 2″ x 3″ x 6″


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