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Kits are coming to the USA soon!

Hello everyone!

We’re super excited that you’ve been checking out the VRUZEND battery building kits. These kits are the culmination of years of R&D efforts to create the best battery building kit available! Developed carefully and painstakingly in India, these kits are designed to finally do away with cheap Chinese imitations and those finicky spot welders. With a VRUZEND kit, you’re getting a carefully crafted and expertly designed battery building system that is designed to be simple and easy to use.

We’re working hard on opening our USA warehouse, and we expect to be ready to start shipping orders in the US and Canada within the next few weeks. We’ve just got a little more work ahead of us (dusting out the spider webs, stacking the boxes, doing donuts on the fork lift, etc) and then we’ll be open for business in two hemispheres!

If you’re ready for a kit now, then please keep checking back with us. Any day now we’ll open up pre-orders and then start shipping ASAP. Thanks for hanging in there, and we really hope you enjoy our VRUZEND battery building kits!

–The VRUZEND team

2 thoughts on “Kits are coming to the USA soon!

  1. Greetings
    I am very excited to see a quality battery pack “Lego” style assembly for creating ebike batteries! I am in the process of making one myself and was going to use the cheap battery holders with springs from Ebay to hold the cells and then piece all this together. I am glad I did my research and came across a video on You Tube that introduced this kit.

    I am an electronics engineer/professor and these are just great! People do not realize the hardware is just as important as the software and if they synergistically fit, well, the reliability and ease of using the technology, just makes for a reliable and pleasant experience.

    Thanks for doing this!

    Dr. Ralph Werner

    1. What is the expected sale price for this vruzend battery kit?

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