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…And we’re back in action!

Hey everybody, we’re restocked with Vruzend battery kits and ready to start shipping again on Monday.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience. We have been slowly but surely increasing our production rate over the past month. The backorder period was shorter this time and we’re working on getting to the point where we won’t have to run out of stock again. I’m not sure if we’re quite there yet, but we’re close. And that’s all the more reason to grab your Vruzend kits now while we’re still in stock!

Even though shipping starts Monday for the backordered kits, it will take us a couple days to get through the queue of backorders. That means that any new orders that come in during the next few days will experience an additional few days of shipping delay. But don’t worry, we’re in stock so you’ll definitely be getting your kits soon!

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