The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide (paperback)

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The Amazon #1 Bestselling book on lithium batteries. Everything you ever wanted to know about building lithium battery packs, and then a little bit more.

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From Amazon #1 Bestselling author Micah Toll, comes the bible of electric bicycle books. The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide covers every aspect of building an electric bicycle. Whether you want to learn about part selection, buying an ebike kit, assembling your own ebike kit from various parts vendors, choosing the right bicycle frame, installation instructions and tricks, maintenance tips and more, this book is for you!

Don’t take our word for it though, here are a few customer reviews:

“This should be considered “the bible” for folks that want to build an ebike and learn the vast amount of knowledge it takes to get there. Micah’s easy writing style sets the pace for what can only be described as the definitive collection for the subject. The technical aspects of the build, which are extremely necessary to grasp, are laid out with care, covering every important aspect and limiting the risk of sailing right over the readers head by creating the perfect mix of “beginner” advice with a healthy but not overwhelming amount of electrical theory to keep the reader’s attention. Not an easy task, but Micah pulls it off brilliantly. This is the book you need if you want to build a machine. Read it multiple times and get the basic knowledge ingrained before making a costly or even painful mistake. Micah can get you there. His videos on Youtube are also extremely well done, moving at a pace that can only be described as perfect for the new builder. He has put in countless hours for this endeavor with a real emphasis on helping people do this correctly. That really shows if you take time to delve into any of his excellent material. Thanks Micah, because of you I have built two quality machines, and have totally enjoyed the experience.”

“There is a lot of really solid information in this book. I’ve built three bikes, and I tended to go for the simplest build possible. This book would have given me a couple of options I didn’t think about. A book like this saves time and grief.”

“A detailed run-down of deciding on each part of your new E-bike, covers the bike itself and every component needed. He explains nicely the options you will be looking at for every piece. Some simple formulas are presented to help you understand how to make everything match your expectations. I like this as a few other E-bike conversion books I’ve read were too heavy on the math and too light on making you understand it all. This book was just recently written and takes much of the advances in electric bicycle technology into account.”


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