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Polyimide (Kapton) heat resistant tape


Polyimide (Kapton) tape for battery building. Heat resistant and non-conductive. 10mm wide x 36 yards

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Polyimide tape (more commonly known by the tradename¬†Kapton tape) is heat resistant tape that is used by professional battery builders. It is perfect for holding down wires, BMSs, connectors and other battery accessories. It has a strong adhesive but does not leave sticky surfaces, unlike gummy electrical tape. It is also non-conductive so you don’t have to worry about shorting out your battery on the adhesive.

Keep your battery¬†safe and organized by taping down balance and BMS wires so they don’t move around over time, causing you issues down the road.

This tape is 1 cm wide (just under a half inch) and comes in a roll of 36 yards – enough for a few projects!

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