100% Pure nickel strip for battery building (1 ft)

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Pure nickel strip, 0.15mm x 7mm, sold by the foot

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Nickel strip is commonly used in battery building due to its ease of use in spot welding and soldering as well its high corrosion resistance over time.

100% pure nickel strip is the material you want, but many sellers swap out pure nickel strip for nickel plated steel strips, which are cheaper and have higher resistance – not good for most battery projects.

Here at VRUZEND, we only offer 100% pure nickel strip and test all of our strips to ensure that you are getting the high quality pure nickel that you paid for – shipped quickly from a trusted source in the USA, not from a random Chinese vendor.

These nickel strips can either be used for directly spot welding 18650 cells, or with our VRUZEND battery building kits. You can punch holes in the nickel to make extra bus bars. Multiple strips can be stacked and clamped to drill, but we find using a leather punch and hammer works best.

Pure nickel strips also solder incredibly easily, so you can solder them onto your existing busbar connections to increase the amount of current you can pull through the busbars. The options are nearly limitless!

The nickel strip is sold by the foot, so be sure to order as many units as you need in feet. Ex: quantity 10 = a roll of 10 feet of nickel. Large orders may be split into multiple rolls. For example, a 20 ft order might be delivered as two 10 ft rolls for your convenience. If you need an unbroken length of nickel, please mention this in the ordering note.

Note: The minimum length of a roll of nickel strip is 5 feet. For those wondering how much nickel they need, our most common order lengths are either 10 or 20 feet.

Thickness: 0.15 mm

Width: 7 mm

Maximum current rating: 7 Amps

Need more than 7 Amps? Just stack more than one layer of nickel strip!

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