VRUZEND Battery Connectors for quadcopter battery?  


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04/02/2018 5:53 am  

Hi, I've been working on trying to build a small drone that runs off of 2 18650 batteries in series. The quadcopter won't ever pull more than 40A of current and should be around 20A nominal current. I am using two vape batteries rated for 50A burst. I initially tried to mod generic 18650 battery holders like these with what I believe to be 11 AWG wire, but the spring terminals started turning an orange red colour so I killed the power. I designed the drone around these 18650 batteries so I wouldn't have to worry about the annoyance of balance charging and discharging LiPos, and instead remove the individual 18650 cells and charge them using a common 18650 battery charger. My question is, do you thing these VRUZEND battery connectors will be able to handle this current?

Thanks in advanced.

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07/02/2018 6:31 am  

The caps that are part of the medium power kit (blue and red) can't handle those levels of sustained current. The V2 kit should be debuted soon, hopefully by the end of February '18 if not sooner. Those will be able to handle the type of current you're talking about. More details at


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