Split 7S3P in multiple small packs  


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15/01/2019 6:08 am  

Hi there,

I used the amazing kit (the red/blue one) to build a 24V battery (7S3P) for my DIY lawn mowing robot. It worked great for the last season. Because the chassis was broken, I got a new one. Sadly the battery doesn't fit anymore (too large), so I plan to create smaller batteries and attach them at different positions. By end of day, it still must be a 7S3P configuration.

My idea is to build three 7S1P packs and join them in parallel by simply connect the main +/- wires in parallel. To ensure balance, I plan to add balancing wires to each 7S1P pack (sure, the single pack don't need them) and connect these balancing wires in parallel too.

Total power consumption is max 300W.

Any ideas if this will work or how I could solve it different?


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01/02/2019 9:56 am  

Yes, that can work as you described it. If the three sets of balance wires are connected in parallel, and the three larger +/- discharge wires are connected in parallel , it should be easy to charge all three packs as a single pack with a balance charger that can handle 7 cells (probably an 8s balance charger). In effect, what you're building is just a 7s3p battery (electrically speaking), that is physically separated into 3 different 'blocks', so to speak.


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