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07/09/2018 1:53 pm  

So building two large 144 battery arrays, I found myself wanting more bus bars than what came included in the V2.0 kits.

It doesn't look like the bus bars are sold seperately, so I'm looking into having some bus "rolls" made. Looking into doing stamped/punched copper bus rolls also nickel plated.

Before I start looking at getting quotes for this, I was curious if there was any interest from anyone else in a roll of nickel plated bus connectors. I figure a roll is the best way to go as you can cut to length.

I know I can buy the pure nickel strips, but the whole benefit of these kits is the ease. I'd rather pay extra than figure out how to drill/punch hundreds of holes myself.

Micah (Vruzend Rep)
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14/09/2018 8:42 am  

Shoot us an email (contact us link is at the bottom of every page) and we can send out some extra bus bars for you 🙂


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