Busbar & Nuts for high current applications  


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26/12/2017 5:39 pm  

Hello, I need to replace 2 Li-Ion cells on an electric scooter.

the original design uses 26 x 18650 elements in parallel, 2Ah each, to have a 52Ah cell: they have been dot soldered, so I considered the use of your kit to build a new cell....

I'm just thinking how to arrange the cells, and if the high current in the parallel path, near the + and - cables needs to be limited by the cross section of the bus bars: so, the 1st question is:

Which is the cross section of each jumper?

Depending on this value, can I connect additional jumpers in parallel?

Considering that the cable termination thickness is almost 2 mm., how many jumpers can I mount in parallel without the risk of having the nut outside the bolt?

Can I use handmade copper jumpers (as suggested in another topic) together with SS ones from the kit? In my opinion, it should be better to have all the jumpers made with the same material... and copper is preferred!

My scooter can run with a max continuous current of 85 A @ 48 V (fuse is calibrated at 100A), and I'm going to mount almost 24 elements per cell to match the max current ca 3,5A of each cap. Cable section is 25 mm^2

You also talked about a new design cap with higher current capabiliy: when do you think it will be ready to be used?

I'm going to buy almost 2 kits, if the new cells will work fine, I will consider to substitte also the other cells (13)


thanks a lot for your attention, best regards!




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