Busbar arrangement in triangle battery  


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17/12/2018 12:25 am  

I am making a 13S3P 48V battery for an ebike. Each cell has PCB protection with 6A limit. The 13S BMS has a discharge limit of 20A. The motor has a factory limit of 16A and I will lower this to 10A.

I have the v2.0 60 cell kit  which has a limit of 20A per cell/busbar. It requires a wedge shaped battery to fit the bike frame/bag. I am trying to sketch out the busbar arrangement and would appreciate any advice. My main concern is stacking the busbars where the arrangement requires the circuit to be reduced to 1 cell-to-cell connection. The sketches do not show top and bottom cell connections for illustration purposes. Red line indicates 1 series busbar. Blue line indicates 1 parallel busbar, my understanding is parallel connections do not carry much current so should not need stacked busbars.

There is also an alternative arrangment which attempts to maximise cell to cell contact but I am not so sure of this configuration.

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30/12/2018 10:46 am  

Because you included the top and bottom connections drawn on just one side, it's a bit confusing, but in general I think your top drawing is fine, and is less likely to cause a mistake during assembly. I usually advocate for the visually simpler designs that are easier to assemble.

In general though, I'd recommend just drawing out one side of the battery's connections for illustrative purposes like these. If someone were to try to follow your wiring diagram without realizing that you combined both sides of the battery into one diagram, that would of course result in a dangerous short circuit.


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