Basic balance/metering wiring problem  


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02/01/2019 6:21 pm  

I’m new to battery building so I’m starting out small.  I just built my second small pack.  I’ve encountered a problem with both packs.  Something is going wrong with my balance/metering wires.  Most recently I built a 4s1p pack using the vruzend kit.  Each cell measures 4 volts.  The pack measures 16 volts.  I’ve attached monitoring wires following the directions in Micah’s ‘How To Install A BMS’ video.  In this pack I soldered the metering leads to the bus bars.  I checked continuity from the bus bar to the corresponding lead on the connector and they were all good.  But when I attached the meter to the wires, it reported that the second battery was producing 0 volts and the pack only 12 volts.  I tried a different meter and got the same results.  I had a similar problem with my first pack which resulted in losing a couple of cells when they drained too low despite having a bms attached.  Am I missing something basic?  What would be a good next step to diagnose my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Can you upload any photos of the connections? This BMS behavior you described sounds like when the balance wires aren't correctly connected (which is a surprisingly easy mistake to make, even I do it occasionally when moving from one BMS to another).


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