loving the build kit  


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09/01/2019 1:47 am  

easiest place i found to say anything, the vruzend 2.0 kit just flies together, i've never built a battery before and this was a total no brainer. still gonna shrink tube it, and yeah it isn't as durable as spot welding, but even after i manage to get a spot welder i bet i will still use this kit for testing and crap like that. built this to upgrade a 7s battery on a folding ebike, the battery it came with is 1p, i figure this 2p with 30qs will extend my range a little. fits inside the frame great, just gotta pad it out some. was cheaper to do this than to buy one that was assembled with questionable quality battery cells.

its only a 300w bike so i certainly won't be stress testing this thing, seems like it should hold up good once i shrink tube it, look forward to seeing how it goes.


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