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17/04/2018 1:35 pm  

I LOVE what you're doing here, and I'm looking forward to your future products.

My wishlist:

  • Thermal-management products (thermally-conductive material with tubing that can be woven between cells, like in Tesla Model S/X battery packs, so us folks in colder climates can warm a pack before charging, or cool the packs when discharging rapidly, for example). 
  • Cap system that allow for denser packing geometry. 
  • BMS "master" unit to control several BMS's in a battery made up of multiple smaller modules.
  • CAN bus connectivity on BMS units


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17/07/2018 7:38 am  


my feature request for vruzend caps is to make them smaller. They are bigger than standard 18650 square or Honeycomb holders. For example, with two honeycomb holders side by side You get 38.8 mm. With vruzend caps it's about 47mm. This is too much to build battery packages to fit them in some already existing ebike frames.

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18/07/2018 3:15 am  

Hi Wam!

Trying to understand your thought process behind your wishlist.

1) For the thermal-management products, I'm sure you can use resistance heating wire coupled with a resistor to fine tune the temperature you output. In terms of cooling, you can always install a fan controlled by a temperature sensor to your battery enclosure. Not sure if you're talking about an AC unit when you mean "Cooling". 

2) What would a "master BMS" do? A BMS already monitors charging and discharging. Why would you need a BMS to monitor a BMS?

3) Why would you want CAN bus connectivity on a BMS unit? What do you have in mind that you would want to communicate to a BMS?


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