West Coast, USA!  


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16/07/2018 4:13 pm  

Hi everyone!

My name is Kyle and I'm currently in college trying to get my Master's degree in electrical engineering. I'm born and raised in San Francisco and love tinkering with anything that involves some form of electricity. I'm also trying to pick up beekeeping!


If you're from the west coast, please introduce yourself. West Coast, Best Coast!(:

Street cred = 10 mAh
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06/08/2018 4:33 pm  

Hi Kyle, Dhar here, I live in San Francisco. I love bicycling here, but age is catching up with me and my sweetheart. Riding to Sausalito is a blast but returning home thru those uphills is becoming increasingly challenging, so, decided to try adding an ebike component to flatten those hills and still enjoy biking. That's why I'm here :0)


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