Sustainable E-transportation, YES!  


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17/04/2018 11:34 am  

I will be sure to put Colorado on the "map", if someone doesn't beat me to it.  I am an avid follower of everything E-transportation, and i'm very excited to be moving to Co. this summer..  Finally, i will have the time, space, and other resources to engage!  I am always looking for info, sources, and likeminds, so very happy to have stumbled my way here.  I have extensive electrical, construction, and technical network experience which i hope to bring together to build an ebike.  I'm an avid gardener, and beekeeper, interested in all things sustainable.  Thanks for the great resource.

william maynard

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16/07/2018 4:05 pm  

Welcome William!

Wow! You're into beekeeping?! I'm from California and the college I go to teaches a beekeeping class. How many hives do you have? I had my dad crash the class and am trying to convince him to get a few hives.

Image From My Beekeeping Class!


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