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25/11/2018 10:44 pm  

I am researching building a unique bike.   I am looking for a bike with a 1,000 watt front motor and 1,000 watt rear motor.  This is to be used to haul a pontoon boat on a road.  The pontoon boat will weight about 300 lbs and will have a trailer with removable bike tires.   This way I can float the rivers in Washington State.  Put the bike on the pontoon boat float the river for 7 or 8 miles.  Take out and pull the bike off the pontoon boat hook it up to the bike and install the wheels the pontoon frame and off I go back up to the put in to my truck where I first put in. 
What kit should I buy for the 1,000 watt front motor?

What kit should I buy for the 1,000 watt rear motor?
The controller will need to have dual input so the motors can be synchronized.  Any suggestions for this? 


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