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05/12/2017 11:41 pm  

Like a few others in this forum, I'm brand new to the e-bike community.  In fact I don't even own one as yet.  I'm a retired snowbird and spend over half my time in this quiet island paradise in the Caribbean.  The remainder of the time I call the Pacific Northwest my home.  Last summer my car, which spent most of it's time in storage anyway, died just before leaving to come here.  I've decided not to replace it when I return to Seattle next spring, but instead, I'll purchase my first electric bike.  I've been researching options and will eventually decide on one.  But in the meantime, I stumbled onto the world of DIY Li-ion battery and being a sort of self taught "engineer" it's grabbed my interest.  Most of my "engineering" is more on the mechanical side, with no real training electronics.  Electrical, yes.  Electronics, no.  So please bare with my "stupid" questions from time to time.  But I look forward to learning more about this process and it's obvious relevance in this rapidly advancing field of EV technology.     


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