Here to ask a possibly stupid and/or delusional question... 100+- amp hour 12v RV battery system  


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22/04/2019 9:33 pm  

Hey everyone!

I'm the proud new owner of a fun little A frame camper, and I'm looking to configure it so as my girlfriend and I can go out for a week or two at a time and stay largely off grid. We'll have solar power and generators to keep up with power, and I'd like to have a rather larger reserver of amp hours in battery form. This has lead me to investigate a variety of battery options, and nearly everyone says "Lithium ion batteries are the best".

So here I am now, looking to ask a likely stupid, probably delusional question...

Is it reasonable to build a RV amp hour worthy battery (100+- amp hour) 12v battery configuration myself for RVing.

How much would this even cost?

Can it reasonably be made durable enough to survive bumpy roads?


I figured I'd asked the question here, as if the answer is no, my time on this forum is likely done. If the answer however is yes... be prepared for a lot more silly questions from myself as I attempt the above silly idea.

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04/05/2019 9:56 am  

You can absolutely do this. Expect it to cost a decent amount more than a lead acid battery, but also to last much longer and be lighter weight.

A price compromise would be to use salvaged cells.


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