Charging 4s battery pack with 3s charger  


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15/12/2018 10:39 pm  

Has anyone experimented using a 3s charger and a boost voltage regulator with cc/cv to charge a 4s battery pack which has bms?

My solar charge controller can do 3s but not 4s lithium ion output. It can be set to output 15v max. I want to boost that to 16v so I'd be charging the individual cells to 4.0v. I think it should work but I don't want to make smoke and sparks

Micah (Vruzend Rep)
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17/12/2018 6:03 pm  

Theoretically yes it would work, but you'll want a boost converter that has a cc-cv profile (constant current, constant voltage) and keep in mind that it will drop below 15V on the lower end of the charge profile when the battery is closer to empty.


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