Battery wire clamps - re-positioning question  


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12/02/2018 10:48 am  

Hi everyone.  I want my pack ideally to be no thicker than the 88mm total length of the cells/caps.  The battery wire clamps on top of the caps add a lot more thickness than I would like, especially since my 13s pack will have the + terminal on one side of the pack and the - terminal on the other.  I was thinking of perhaps using ring terminals under the nuts of each terminal cell (I will have 6 cells in each of my positive/negative terminal rows) and those terminals would extend just past the end of the battery pack. Then I would either solder the ring terminals directly to the battery clamps or maybe use short lengths of 12awg crimped into the terminals and solder the wires into the holes of the battery clamps.  That allows me to have all my battery wires along the EDGE of the battery pack instead of on top of the caps.  Is this a feasible idea or would I be adding too much resistance with the extra ring terminals/solder in the mix?  I don't want to mess up the overall battery performance but I also do not want those battery wire clamps on top of my pack adding thickness since I will be carrying the pack in a triangle bag and worried about knee clearance while riding. 


Thanks for any reply!


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