Bad connections with Vruzend V2 kit and panasonic ncr18650a cells  


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12/06/2018 12:08 pm  

My v2 kit arrived a couple days ago and I begun attempting to assemble a 13s7p triangle pack. These Panasonic cells have a slightly more narrow positive side so I tried wrapping with electrical tape. This process is not great because the tape often slips when putting the cap on. I have considered doing a sandwich method with plywood and leaving spaces for bolts but I am concerned that I will not be able to check the cell connections if there is a large piece of wood in the way.

Does anyone have any fresh ideas on how to create a solid connection that does not come apart with the spring or vibration forces?


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16/07/2018 5:16 am  

Hello Nifty150,

I would build the battery pack without making any connections. I would then take a volt meter and check to make sure I see the voltage on the contact screws. After I have checked all the batteries, I would make the connections and do the sandwich method with plywood.


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