BMS? not charging  


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06/02/2018 8:35 am  

Hi, I just received a new BMS 52v 14s from you guys, My first battery build! (thanks Micah the book was invaluable!) I triple checked the wiring. When I plug in the charger ( a new Luna cycles 52v mini charger) in just clicks on and off repeatedly is this the BMS? Charger? or Me? I read somewhere to charge the pack without the BMS at first to give it a "kick start" Does this sound right? New panasonic batteries. my cells all read 3.3v each to the BMS 47.6v over all. I'd appreciate any help

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07/02/2018 4:53 am  

A good way to check to see if its a problem related to the BMS or a problem related to the battery construction is to try to bulk charge for a few minutes by connecting the charger directly to the -1 and +14 terminals of the battery, bypassing the BMS completely. If the charger functions normally, then the problem is likely on the BMS end. At that point, it can either be an improper connection or a bad BMS. If you're sure the connections are correct, shoot me an email (contact us at the bottom of every page) and we'll send you a replacement BMS.


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