Bms Ballance wires  


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09/12/2017 2:30 pm  

I need to extend my bms balance wires. I would like to know what kind of wires are send together with the 10s bms?

So that i can buy some extension and solder them together.

I need to know  material and thickniss.

Is it going to produce any problems to extend the wires? like  resistance issues ? Or something similar?

Thanks alredy in advance 😉



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15/01/2018 12:02 am  

This may be a dumb question, but if I am building a 14s3p pack and ordered your 52V BMS, I assume I would need balance wires connected to 14 of the cells plus 1. Does that mean I would order some combination of balance connector wires that adds up to 14s (15 wires)?(eg. 3 x 4s(5 wire) balance connectors)?

Can 3 connector sets be  be plugged in side by side to the BMS?

Micah (Vruzend Rep)
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20/01/2018 6:50 am  

There are no dumb questions. Well, there are a few, but this isn't one of them!

You don't need to buy extra balance wires. The BMSs we offer on (with the exception of the 3s BMS) all come with balance wires.

If you want to add external balance wires though, so you can check your cell voltages independently of the BMS from outside your battery, then you could add a few 6S or other size balance wires to the battery that exit the pack and are accessible, but this is purely optional.


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