Possible to use copper connectors on VRUZEND battery kit to achieve high current?  


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16/01/2018 5:37 am  


I am looking to use a few of the battery kits to put together a mid-high power pack  (~100-120A at around 50V). However, I have some concerns about using the VRUZEND kit to attain this sort of current level as it's recommended only use about 3.5A per cell.

As a solution, I'd like to cut my own copper power bars (or perhaps aluminum) instead of using the stainless steel connector bars. Ideally, I'd like to use around 12 cells in parallel (each driving about 10A) and 16 in series to get the desired voltage/current. I'm hoping this will work, given copper is more than an order of magnitude more conductive than stainless steel.

Has anyone else used the VRUZEND kit to attain these sorts of voltages/currents?

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29/01/2018 3:53 am  

While this is possible, the inner contact is harder to swap out yourself, and will serve as a bottle neck in your project. It is exactly for people like you that we are building the new V2 kit with copper-based components for higher power. We are very close on being able to debut it. More details here:


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