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02/03/2019 9:12 pm  

Ok so im about 3/4 thru Micahs book and know a lot more than I did before but still questions. Im at the point where I am starting to lay out my pack. I plan on using the 18650 cells rated at 3.5ah. I have a 60v Hyper Racing scooter that has a battery labeled at 13ah, battery range is 48-67.7v. Stock battery is rated for 35a continuous....I don't have it near but the batt is roughly 12 x 6 x 4.
When im doing my layout on paper it seems like the new config of 16 cells in series and 20 in parallel is way smaller than the current pack and would still give me 70ah. What am I missing here, do the 18650s not give me the discharge rate I need? Just seems too good to be true and why is the stock batt so much bigger but so much less AH? Im going with the 18650s because Im using Vruzend  connections. Stock batt label attached

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It's possible that the stock battery was made with LiFePO4 cells instead of Li-ion. That would make it bigger than a comparable Li-ion battery.


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