LG MJ1 3500 mAh Max current confusion  


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15/11/2018 8:00 pm  

Hi all,

The LG MJ1 3500 mAh cells are listed on the store at supporting a 10a continuous discharge. Several other online stores say the same.

However, the linked spec sheet from LG states that 10a is the MAX current draw, with 4A continuous quoted as the "high drain" scenario under which 80% capacity remains after 400 cycles.

So  can these cells actually handle regular, sustained 10a draw? If so  what kind of lifespan can I expect? 

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26/11/2018 9:59 pm  

All 18650 manufacturers tend to rate their cells at the very limits of their abilities, so it is usually recommended not to push the cells to the manufacturer's limit often. That being said, LG MJ1 cells are rated by LG to sustain 10A continuous discharge. However, when they do cycle testing, they always discharge at lower rates to get better life cycle ratings (all companies, such as Panasonic and Samsung, also do this). I don't have data on what the cell cycles would be if you always discharged at 10A continuous, but I'd guess it'd be closer to 300 cycles than 400, give or take. But as far as I know, the manufacturer has not provided hard data on that use scenario.


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