Kits for 2170 format cells  


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14/01/2019 5:52 pm  

        I've built an electric motorcycle and am using 42, 60 amp/hr CALB lithium batteries in a 144 volt series pack. I would like to increase my range, so am considering a higher energy density pack. Being as battery packaging in a two wheeler is more challenging than in a car, the construction using small cells lends itself to more suitable options for a bike. The question is: do you have or are you planning to offer kits for the new 2170 format batteries? I've noticed that the battery packs from Tesla Model 3 are becoming available on ebay. Not cheap, but they are available and with a higher energy density than the 18650 cells. 

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01/02/2019 9:53 am  

This is something we've explored, but right now there just isn't enough variety or availability of 2170 cells on the market. As they become a more common option and demand increases, we plan to offer a 2170 compatible Vruzend kit though.

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03/02/2019 8:40 am  

This is a great question. I bet the 2170 format will be widely available within 2-3 years and (even better) cell prices will likely come down. Will keep an eye out for the Vruzend kit for this.  Would probably be a big seller. 🙂


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