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Progress report on the V2 high current kits

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you all an update on the status of the higher current kits we are producing. We had hoped to have them ready by the end of the year, but some of the production steps have proven to take longer to prepare than we expected. The spring contacts and threaded terminals, which will use copper alloys, are going to be silver brazed and nickel coated, but these additional steps have added to the complexity for production on our end, meaning it’s taking us just a bit longer to finalize production.

We are getting closer though, and the prototypes have been very promising so far. Early testing shows we are already into the double digits for amps per cell, but we won’t have a final amp rating on the new caps for a few more weeks. We’re continuing our testing and pushing the caps higher and higher to see how much current they can handle.

There will also be some new improvements in the physical cap design as well. A similar but redesigned shape is proving to allow much higher tolerances meaning cleaner and crisper edges, smoother interlocking, less struggling to align the dovetails and stronger caps that can stand up to a huge amount of abuse. We’re also upgrading the polymer as well to makes the caps even stronger than ever!

We appreciate you all hanging in there – I know a lot of you are excited about the higher power kits we’ll be debuting (based on the daily emails we’re getting from enthusiastic battery builders). I’ll be back here soon with some pictures and a more concrete release date for the new kits.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Time to save $$$ on battery-building supplies!

Our team at Vruzend would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this holiday season! Today is a day of family, friends and feasting!

Tomorrow though… tomorrow is a day of shopping! This Black Friday through Cyber Monday is the best time to pick up those battery-building supplies you need at great prices. As you already know, Vruzend has the best prices in the country on all of our products, but we’re helping you save even more money than usual from Black Friday through Cyber Monday with our Thanksgiving Sale!

To enjoy the best prices around, just use the following coupon codes to save big!

Battery5 – $5 off an order of $50 or more!

Battery10 – $10 off an order of $100 or more!

Battery15 – $15 off an order of $150 or more!

Battery20 – $20 off an order of $200 or more!

Whether you need to stock up on high quality, genuine 18650 cells or you’ve been meaning to pick up a BMS or spare battery charger, we’ve got you covered for all of your battery building accessories! Not to mention the famous Vruzend battery building kits!

So enjoy Thanksgiving, spend time with your family and take a load off. Then once your dinner is digested and you’re ready to be up to your wrists in battery cells, come on over and visit us. We’ll help you build the battery of your dreams!

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Vruzend kits are getting an update! New colors!

We’ve been hard at work on some new upgrades to the Vruzend kits. We’re committed to taking a proven and effective product and finding ways to make it even better.

The first incremental update we are ready to roll out is the new color coded version of the kit.

The original kit contained all white caps, which meant that you had to mark the positive and negative ends of your cells. With the new color coded caps, making your battery connections is easier than ever. The red caps are for the positive ends of the cells and the blue caps are for the negative ends of the cells. Easy, right?

We’re also including an extra 4 caps in each kit, due to popular demand. The kits now come with 104 caps and nuts. The rest of the kit contents remains the same, including the specifications. We’re still hard at work on even more upgrades to the kit and we’ll be reporting back when the next version of the kit is ready, which will be the higher powered V2 kit meant for you speed demons out there!

You can see more pictures and specifications of the kits on the product page, and place your pre-order now. We expect to be shipping the new kits within approximately two weeks.

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We survived Irma!

Thanks for your patience and well wishes everyone! We survived Hurricane Irma and were actually much more fortunate than a lot of people that suffered more damage than us. I rode the storm out at home and though we received a direct hit from the eye of the hurricane, we were fairly far inland and received only minor flooding in our neighborhood.

We have already begun sending out orders that were delayed due to the hurricane. It’s going to take us a few days to catch up completely, and we appreciate your continued patience while we ramp back up our shipping operation.

Lastly, we have an exciting announcement to make soon. Keep checking back on our blog here, on our Facebook page or on the YouTube channel for the announcement!

Micah standing in the calm eye of Hurricane Irma
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Shipping delay due to Hurricane Irma

Hello everyone,

Our warehouse and shipping center is located in southwest Florida, and received a direct hit by the eye of Hurricane Irma. We are all safe and uninjured and we are lucky to have experienced only minor damage. However, we have been without electricity or internet since the storm passed on September 10th (this post is being written by cell phone held over our head for reception – seriously).

We are unfortunately not going to be able to ship any orders for a few more days until power is restored and US Postal Service trucks can make it through the minor flooding in our area. We appreciate your patience during these trying times.

Please check back on our blog here for more updates and we hope to begin shipping again ASAP, hopefully in the next 2-3 days.

Thank you!

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…And we’re back in action!

Hey everybody, we’re restocked with Vruzend battery kits and ready to start shipping again on Monday.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience. We have been slowly but surely increasing our production rate over the past month. The backorder period was shorter this time and we’re working on getting to the point where we won’t have to run out of stock again. I’m not sure if we’re quite there yet, but we’re close. And that’s all the more reason to grab your Vruzend kits now while we’re still in stock!

Even though shipping starts Monday for the backordered kits, it will take us a couple days to get through the queue of backorders. That means that any new orders that come in during the next few days will experience an additional few days of shipping delay. But don’t worry, we’re in stock so you’ll definitely be getting your kits soon!

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Battery chargers for everyone!

We’ve been working on this for a while, and I’m happy to say that we’re finally stocking some really nice battery chargers to go with our Vruzend battery building kits.

We didn’t want to go with just any chargers though. These chargers are a great combination of features. They’re sleek, high quality units with built-in cooling fans and a 3A charge rate. Basically, they have the performance of the expensive chargers with the price of the cheap chargers.

The one thing they don’t offer that we had hoped for was adjustable output voltage, but that extra feature just increases the price so much that we didn’t feel comfortable asking that much for a charger. So we’ve got the best affordable chargers we can offer, with all the basic features you need… you plug them in and they charge!

If you absolutely need an adjustable voltage charger, there are other companies out there that offer them. We are partial to the Cycle Satiator from, but not everyone needs a $300 charger.

If you just need a simple, high quality charger that can charge your battery, or you’re looking for a spare charger to keep in the office, then this is the charger for you! We offer them in 36V, 48V and 52V options, all with a 3A charge rate. Check out the new battery charger line here.

The chargers come with a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, and you can find the matching female connector here to add to your battery. Of course, you can also swap in whatever connector you need to fit your battery, if you are partial to another connector.

We’ll be ready to start shipping these in the next few days. Any orders that come in before August 11th will be pre-orders, as indicated on the product page.

Keep letting us know what other parts you’d like to see offered on and we’ll do our best to supply them!

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It’s hard to keep up with you guys!

Well, you guys have done it again… you’ve cleaned us out of kits!

We were back in stock for a few weeks there until you guys picked the shelves clean. We’re super excited about the high demand, and doing everything we can to meet it. We are reinvesting in our production facilities in our factory and increasing the production rate while maintaining an emphasis on quality control.

We expect to have our next production lot of Vruzend kits ready within two weeks or so, and to be fully restocked within three weeks. That should put us around the middle of August to begin shipping kits again.

Anyone who would like to go ahead and order their Vruzend kit while we are out of stock will get priority shipment when the new kits come in. If you’d rather wait to order yours until we’re restocked, that’s fine too. Just note that your shipping will be somewhat delayed while we are sending out kits to everyone who bought their kits during the backorder period.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or visit us at the forums. Thank you all for your enthusiastic support!

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NEW: Samsung 33G 3,150 mAh 18650 cells are now available!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update – we’ve just added some cool new cells to our offerings. In addition to the tried & true LG MJ1 3,500 mAh cells that we’ve been offering, we’ve just added the new Samsung 33G 3,150 mAh cell to our lineup!

This is an awesome new cell that was designed for electric vehicles applications, meaning its designed for long life and reasonably high capacity. A Samsung rep has stated it should last for 8 years when charged to 4.1 V. Even when charging to the full 4.2 V though, this cell is going to last a long time.

It’s not quite as high capacity as the 3,500 mAh LG cells that we offer, but it will last longer and is more affordable. It also has a bit lower max discharge rate than the LG cells, at 6.5 A continuous or 9.75 A peak. That’s absolutely more than enough for our Vruzend kits. For these cells, we recommend using more in parallel to get a great combination of max discharge rate and high capacity. And with the lower price, that’s even easier to do!

Let us know if you have any questions, and you can check out the new cells here.

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Shipping update

Hey Everyone,

We’re part way through shipping all of the orders that included backordered Vruzend kits. Despite the kits being on backorder, a lot of you were still committed to reserving your kits, which is awesome, but it left us with a massive pile of orders that now need to be filled all at once.

We’re shipping as fast as we can and expect to be caught up by the end of the week. That also means that any orders that come in this week likely won’t ship until next week.

We didn’t expect this level of excitement and demand that we’re experiencing from our awesome customers. Don’t worry though – we’re excited to meet the challenge. While we of course apologize for the delay that you guys are experiencing, we absolutely appreciate all the support you’ve given us!

Pretty soon, we’ll all be building the batteries of our dreams!


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