Creating a 72V, 20s 5p Battery  


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29/12/2017 12:59 pm  

I wanted to run some things by the community here. Our senior design is making an EV and we would like to do a 72V system.  Using the LG 18650 cells could we create a 72V system. On here there are only kits that go up to 52V but If we use a different BMS but the cells and connectors from Vruzend, would a 72V system be possible? 

We are looking at using a 20s and 5p arrangement to give us 72.7V and 17.5Ah using a total of 100 cells. The BMS that we plan on using is located here: . The charger that we are looking at is located here: . These are examples of components that we have found in our initial research. 


We are learning throughout this process and would really appreciate all input and suggestions. Thanks.

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11/01/2018 1:49 am  

Yes, a 20s configuration would definitely work. Just make sure that whatever battery you are building can handle the max current (A) needs of your motor/controller. 

That BMS looks like it should do the job for you, but I don't see a 20s li-ion charger on that page. I only see a 20s LiFePO4, which is not what you want. You need an 84V charger for 20s li-ion. You might be able to get the 21s charger and tweak the output voltage lower with a potentiometer inside the charger - check with the vendor on that. 


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