36 volts BMS  


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08/01/2018 2:21 pm  


Just got 3 x 36v BMS and hooked it up to my 10s battery pack.

Charged it up to 42 volts, at 2 amps, but as I do my Quality Assurance, I discovered the cell banks are to balanced, some are off by as much as .10 volts.

I am using a smart charger to discharge battery pack back to 37 volts (LG 18650 from and will charge again with BMS.

Micah (Vruzend Rep)
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11/01/2018 1:53 am  

Hi Julian,

The balancing is a slow process, so you won't see the cells balance immediately. The BMS has to slowly drain the higher voltage cells and recharge the pack. I'd recommend letting it sit overnight plugged into the charger and then see how the voltage of each cell group compares in the morning.


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