yes good stuff, now patterns?  


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24/12/2017 3:00 am  

Width for 4p, 5p and 6p. Shrink wrap width .Please?

Which cell would you choose for 18-25 amp to motor.

was think8ng about sticky non cunducting paper thin foam mat and shrink wrap 

all 10s.


then how abou5 some idea nickel strip lYouts for a number of voltages and amp hours. Most forums talk about what# wron* but don’ plot out besr patterns. Maybe make a link and password for buyers.


keep on doin* what you do. You make a great team.

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29/12/2017 5:42 pm  

Regarding the best cells to use, I am about to install a 48v motor and charge controller on an electric go kart using a 14S9P configuration of 18650 cells.  I am using the following cells from VRUZEND....


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