How about solar charging  


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10/02/2018 1:26 pm  

I am curious to know if anyone is using solar energy for their home made batteries? At first I would like to start with a small 4st but I ma not sure where to start with, like which component to buy, how to build it efficiently, etc...

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11/02/2018 2:16 am  

Here's someone doing a solar generator/charger for his vruzend battery

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18/02/2018 12:21 am  

Be sure to buy Micah’s new book about DYI solar projects....

DIY Solar Power: How To Power Everything From The Sun

I have not finished reading it but it is a great resource. As far as using solar to charge home made battery packs, check out the picture below. I am new to the DYI battery pack and solar charger world but it was not too difficult for me. 

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